Working enthusiastically since 1928

Uzturre was founded in 1928 as a shop selling lingerie and it began producing products for children 40 years ago in line with the market trends and necessities.

At Uzturre we make high-quality children's products, with enthusiasm, style and freshness in each collection and in each product that we release to the market, into which we put our best efforts because we know that our clients want the best for the children.

  • Quality and environment

    The most important feature of our products is: QUALITY. At Uzturre, we are aware that your baby needs products of the highest quality, which are not always easy to find in an increasingly globalised market. This is why Uzturre only uses the highest quality raw materials. All Uzturre products are made with Raw Materials provided by national suppliers, which is why we can guarantee their quality.

  • National suppliers

    We can also guarantee the quality of our products thanks to the support of the AIJU (Technological Institute of Childcare and Safety), an Institute that ensures that all of our products are safe and high-quality. This Institution has the official endorsement of the ENAC, the official certification body of the European Union.

  • Supported by Asepri

    At Uzturre, we believe that the best way of defending the general interests of childcare product producers is to join in association, which is why we are part of ASEPRI, the national benchmark association in the sectors of children's fashion and products, which works to improve the competitiveness of its companies.

At Uzturre, we know that maternity is an exciting new experience and we want to make it as easy as possible.

Uzturre is present in all the main children's product shops in Spain. If you can't find one of our shops in your area, give us a call and we will let you know where your nearest shop is located.

Plus, Uzturre is reinforcing its exports business model for foreign countries so you will be able to find us locally very soon.

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